We have never needed international cooperation more than we do today. But our tools, our ways of thinking, are often still stuck in the last century. The objective of all my work is to offer evidence and ideas to encourage an approach that is at once more modern, more humane, and more sustainable.


Commitment to international development begins with the heart; we look for ways to respond instinctively to unfairness and suffering. Then we build a deeper analysis, and eventually we land on some kind of strategy to change things.


In my life, I have had the privilege to work with marginalised communities and human rights defenders all around the world, as well as the major development organisations. So I have had time to reflect a great deal on the contradictions and challenges of international development. 


There are so many ideas caught up in that catch-all word: ‘development’. Economic growth, aid effectiveness, the role of the private sector, the importance of civil society, democracy and accountability, sustainability, and so many other things.


But at its core it is about one thing: human dignity. The dignity of the people with whom we stand in solidarity. And our own dignity, because failing to act is the least dignified thing of all.



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I am a writer/researcher/consultant on issues of aid effectiveness, human rights, and international cooperation. You can find out more about my work in the other sections on this site. Do get in touch if you think you might want to share ideas, or if you think I might be able to help you or your organisation.


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